PillowTalk: Long Lost Love Lingers

June 5, 2019



This is one of those PillowTalk dedications that makes you realize that time flies really fast. We are now about half way through the year 2019. As we approach the year 2020, that means that the 1980's were almost 40 years ago. For Shaina from New Britain, the 80's are still fresh in her memory thanks to an attraction and a relationship she had with a man who lives in the Philadelphia area. She called PillowTalk on Tuesday night and told me, that "sparks flew for all the right reasons."

 They met through friends. Still they remained true to their obligations and went on with their lives with others. Yet the memory still lingers. Shaina request a song by Amy Grant.

Dave from Manchester turned to PillowTalk to share his feelings with Amy in East Hartford. His message, "I hope we can work things out." The song he asked me to play is by Phil Collins and Marilyn Martin.

Happy Birthday recently to Diana from WIllimantic. She is also recuperating from some health issues. All indications are that she will be fine. She wanted me to play a song she hadn't heard in a long time by Bryan Adams.