PillowTalk: Inspires Jerry To Write Love Letters

August 3, 2018

You may think or you may have read that the art of writing a personal letter is a lost art, is going out of style or is dying. Jerry from Rockfall not only still writes love letters, but is inspired by the mood of PillowTalk when he listens.

Tonight he got in touch with me by email and by telephone to get his love message out to Laura in Niantic. His message to Laura was, "Love you Laura. I'll be there long after summer is gone."

Here is what he sent to me:

"Please play the Boys of Summer for Laura in Niantic from Jeremiah in Rockfall. Love you Laura.

Hello again Dean. We just spoke on the phone this is Jeremiah. Just wanted to let you know I have listened for years. You bring happiness to many people. I especially like to have you on when I'm writing letters to Laura. Yes I'm old school. I still write. Thanks for the inspiration".

Thank you for your kind words, Jerry. Knowing that PillowTalk inspires and plays a roll in making your relationship more satisfying makes my day.