PillowTalk: Happiness Resonates Across Generations

April 13, 2019

Getty Images / Rawpixel


Wow! It's probably one of the most requested love songs of all time. Like relationships that last for years, it's a song that has resonated across generations. Maybe it's the realization of a life long fantasy for the little girl who buys her wedding dress and finds love. Maybe it's the song's message of happily ever after. I asked listeners to give me a song that reminds them of their significant other every time they hear it. Especially if they can't be with the one they love.

Sarah from Lakeville called me to request a song that came out before Sarah was born. I think I was eight years old. It's refrain has a way of sticking in your head. It's a message of optimism never to be lonely again. Sarah told me it reminds her of her late husband. It goes "Going to the chapel and we're gonna get married."

I can't remember the last time I played that song Chapel Of Love by The Dixie Cups...on PillowTalk or at any other time. It reached the top of the charts for three weeks after it was released in 1964.  Obviously those not even born at the time have a way of finding it. Best wishes to you if you happen to be getting married this weekend or in the near future.

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