PillowTalk: Deconstructing A Tangled Web

June 1, 2019


Words have power. The wrong words can hurt. The right words can heal.

I had just read an article earlier in the evening that essentially said the same thing, when I got a call on the PillowTalk love lines from a listener.

She told me that she had had a misunderstanding with her fiance earlier in the day over a recurring issue. She called me because she wanted to dedicate a song to him but didn't know which one to choose. So, I delved into the relationship a little deeper and more specifically, the incident earlier in the day to try to find an appropriate song.

I asked her, "Now that you've had a chance to step away from the argument and look at it from a different perspective, what kinder words would you use to express your true feelings toward your fiance instead of the harsher ones you may have used in the heat of the moment earlier today?

She told me, "Tell him I respect him, I'm listening and I love him more than he knows."

Wow, what a difference I thought and what I had really done was help deconstruct the mess, look at things from a fresh angle, and help my listener speak with a more truthful, genuine, and compassionate heart. If I did nothing else on Friday night, that was worth coming to work for.