Remembering Loved Ones At Thanksgiving

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PillowTalk: Because You Love Them And Miss Them

November 21, 2019

 Thanksgiving is about a week away. Time to think about family traditions. Thinking about catching up with family and those we love. Taking stock of those we have lost. There's a pretty good chance that the one's we've lost had everything to do with creating the memories and traditions we love. 

Charles obviously had family in mind when he called PillowTalk with a dedication on Wednesday night. Charles was at work in Springfield and wanted to send a message in memory of his grandparents Dorothy and Raymond. He wanted to thank them for all they did to create a  wonderful world of traditions and memories. He loves them and misses them very much.

Thanks for this dedication via email from Ana:

"Good evening Dean !
My name is Ana . I have been married for almost 30 years , let me tell you Dean that  he is the best medication for us me and the boys ...We love him from here to the moon . If it is possible, i would like you to play this song for me ( Stay with me )
Kind regards Anna !" 

And Anna' s husband's name is??? I'm sure he is glad to know that his wife loves him very, very much!

Kevin from Wallingford has been married to Gina for 28 years! He called us to tell his wife that he "loves her a lot." He knows her well. He knows that she loves that song from the movies by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.