PillowTalk: For The First Time In Seven Years

May 14, 2019

GettyImages / David De Lossy


Monday, May 13th was Liz's birthday. Liz is from Newington. She called PillowTalk from her car on her birthday. Her car was filled with people she loves and love her. Her daughter Jessica, who lives in San Diego and her other daughter Amberlynn. Her son Austin was also there. Austin was in from Washington State where he serves in the military. Last but not least, Liz's boyfriend Thong was also there.

This was the first time in seven years that Liz has been able to celebrate her birthday with everyone together in one place. They were driving back from a day at the casino and at the center of it all was their PillowTalk dedication for Liz's birthday. Originally she requested that I pick the song. I asked her if there was a song that was special to them as a family growing up when she was raising her three children. She said, "Wind Beneath My Wings was a song that I used to sing to my kids"

For me, this May 13th was an interesting day. We lost entertainment icon and animal lover Doris Day at age 97. This May 13th would have been my own mother's 98th birthday. My mother's first name is Doris