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PillowTalk: "I Wanted To Wait Until You Came Back"

July 2, 2019

Coming back from a few days of Summer vacation was a ton of fun on Monday night on PillowTalk. Kathy from Simsbury wanted to wish her inlaws Bob and Lucile a happy belated 55 wedding anniversary. It was actually several days prior, but she wanted to wait for me to return from vacation before sending out her dedication. If that doesn't give you a warm feeling on so many levels, nothing will.

Sara from Cromwell was in the car with her "Bestie" Rebecca and on a whim decided to call PillowTalk. They have been friends for about 4 or 5 years. It was a pleasure talking to Sara and it was a fun call. She is a long-time PillowTalk listener.

Congratulations to Tyler and Allison from Southington. They were classmates at Southington High, class of '17 and have been dating for about a year. Tyler wants Allison to know how much he cares for her.