PillowTalk: "Being With Mom Is Awesome"

September 7, 2018

Two awesome phone calls on the PillowTalk love lines I just had to tell you about tonight.

One from Katlyn of Manchester who was in the car with her mom Kathleen to PillowTalk. Katlyn says that being with her mom listening to the radio in the car is awesome. She says, her mom is so positive and always encourages her to do her best. Her mother is there for her when she needs help.

I asked her where she stands on the homework/no homework schools of thought. Katlyn said she thinks homework is necessary and that she enjoys it. It gives you a chance to practice your skills. Her mother also thinks that homework is a good thing. We played Lady In Red for her.Katlyn says "I love you, mom and thanks for all you do for me."

Karla from Granby called to let me know how proud she is of her husband, Robert. They have known each other for seven years, married for two. Karla says, her husband works so hard.

"He's a tree man and he has the most incredible work ethic I know. He works hard for the family, he always makes me feel special and makes me laugh every day. I love him and thank him for always being there." 

One of Whitney's classic songs is Karla's choice.