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PillowTalk: "I Hope To See Him Again"

November 20, 2018

Anytime PillowTalk gets the chance to bring two people together and create a healthy, positive outcome, that's exciting. I got this message from Kimberly on Monday night and I sent her request, dedication and message out into the universe over the radio on PillowTalk. She wrote:

"I am a loyal listener to your show and I must add what a wonderful job you do at your craft.

I would like to dedicate a song to Henry in Glastonbury from Kim in Southington. I met Henry on November 4, 2018 at a singles dance that evening, talking and dancing. However, even though phone numbers were not exchanged, I failed to let him know that I had a wonderful evening and I hope to see him again".

Thanks Kim for your kind words and for reaching out in an effort to find the man you shared a wonderful evening with. I hope you reconnect with Henry and it's only the beginning of great things to come.


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