PillowTalk: A Special Part Of The Family

August 30, 2018

A nice varitey of PillowTalk dedications made for a fun show on Wednesday night. The night started with a secret admirer (or not so secret you know who you are dedication) to Tom from Waterbury. His special someone was really making an effort to connect and let him know that she really does love him. One of Loggins and Mesina's earliest hits was the song she wanted.

We ended the evening with a Facebook instant message dedication from Daniel to Daisy, the woman of his dreams. Their song is Never Gonna Let You Go by Sergio Mendes. Daniel's love message to Daisy, "You are my diamond in my heart."

In between we heard from Heidi who is part of the PillowTalk Loyal Listeners group on Facebook. She's spending time in Connecticut with Joanna a friend she bonded with on a trip to England. Here is part of what she wrote in her text to me.

'Can u make a friendship dedication for me? We are listening now. I met my friend Joanna at a time that was very hard for me. I flew to England with my younger sister and  Joanna picked us up and  brought us to the hospital. We spent many hours there and quickly became friends.  Joanna has become such a special part of our family! She is visiting with me now and soon starts our journeys end when we travel to Maine and Boston Logan to say our good bye for now. Joanna is so special and kind and I'm going to miss her!"