PillowTalk: A Time To Chill

March 30, 2019

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It's such a pleasure to receive your PillowTalk dedications and love messages where ever they come from for whatever reason. Here's a simple request from my email in box on Friday night: from Deb

"Hey Brother, ( I guess that would be me)

I love that song Stay by Club 16 I think.......pl play for my sons Matt and John whom I am not able to see much. Really an upbeat song.

Also enjoyed some tune you payed by Tony Terry the other day.

Thanks much, have a good weekend.


Nice to hear from Susan in Waterbury who told me via Facebook messenger:

Could I hear I Swear by All 4 One please? I’m just chillin’ on a Friday nite! Thanks, Dean! Hope you have a great weekend. I hate the thought of not hearing you for the next 2 nights! Hearing your voice & listening to Pillow Talk really makes my weeknights!

And finally, Mike and his wife Elaine from Munson, MA had PillowTalk on the radio to smooth out the ride on their way home from a romantic dinner. Their go to song is always the one by Joe Cocker.