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PillowTalk: A Topping She Won't Find On The Menu

May 4, 2019

So I'm taking PillowTalk dedications. Dave from Plainville calls me on the PillowTalk love lines. "I'm in a pizza shop in Plainville and I'm with this girl that I've been courting for about three months. Can you play a song for her?" 

I asked, "They have Lite 100.5 WRCH and PillowTalk on in there?"

Dave responded, "It's blasting. Her name is Candice but I call her Candy. Please tell her that I really care for her and enjoy being with her."

The best part of this dedication for me was that our station was on in the restaurant. Therefore, I could surprise Candy and talk directly to her through the radio almost as if I was a waiter going to her table. That's especially fun particularly when you surprise the recipient. In this case, the dedication was almost like an extra topping along with veggies, pepperoni or sausage. The song Dave and I decided on was Amazed by Lonestar. Thanks Dave and Candy for making PillowTalk part of your date night.

Cheri called from Oakville to tell her two teenage sons Jason and Joshua how courageous and special they are to her. Cheri told me, "My boys are my heroes." She chose a song by Sara Bareilles

Karen from WIndsor Locks used a PillowTalk dedication to tell Gary that she is waiting with "Big open arms" for him when he gets home. Karen is waiting at the end of Gary's journey.