PillowTalk:"He's The Guy Who Treated Me Best"

February 7, 2019

ID 107807276 © Pavel Yavnik | Dreamstime.com


You could tell by the sound of Yolanda's voice that her love for "her Jessie" is strong and her PillowTalk dedication on Wednesday night could not and would not be deigned. How long has their relationship been going on?

"A big seven months" Yolanda told me. If you delve into their story you'll find it goes back a lot further." I knew him in high school (East Hartford High) and we lost touch over 20 years, reconnected and he is thee guy that's treated me the best my entire life".

They reconnected through mutual friends. Were she and Jesse always soul mates? Yolanda said, " I think so. It's just kind of like we knew each other forever and no time went by at all". Yolanda topped the whole thing off with a PillowTalk dedication that came straight from the heart: "I just want to tell him how much I appreciate him and that I would never take his love for granted".

Does Yolanda love listening to PillowTalk? "Thank you so much. I've been listening to you guys forever!"