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PillowTalk: Messages To Soothe The Soul

April 11, 2019

Thanks for the kind words from Janelle in Danbury. She told me that she finds PillowTalk comforting and inspirational. Janelle is relatively new to Connecticut from just over the border. Janelle told me that this week has been a tough one for her. For Janelle, spring and summertime evokes memories of boating season and times shared on the family boat with her dad, Stephen. Not only was she thinking of her biological dad but her step dad, Ron as well. Both men are heroes in her life. She loves them and misses them. She requested a song by Mariah Carey.

Amerfi from East Hartford called PillowTalk to make a dedication to comfort her husband Zabziel who is coping with a family loss. Amerfi called to assure him that she loves him, that she is here for him and will always support him with whatever he needs. We sent an intimate message of comfort with a song by Sade.  

Martha called to celebrate her relationship with Deek. Their friendship goes back about 30 years. They have since discovered that they have had a crush on each other for the last 20. They found each other again about 2 years ago to be with each other. Martha is a fan of 1990's R & B and wanted me to choose a song. Body & Soul by Anita Baker should make her feelings toward Deek quite clear.

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