15 Year Old's Boyfriend's Mom Won't Let The Two Date

November 16, 2019
Delilah Dilemma

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This Delilah's Dilemma is from Jessica a 15 year old who is in love with a teenage boy whose parents have decided that the two cannot see each other.

Delilah:  Here's the thing Jessica you need to focus on you and that means taking good care of yourself, getting involved with school activities getting involved with your friends, hanging out at the mall with your girlfriends doing your homework doing all the things that 15 year olds need to do to build a strong foundation of relationships. Relationships.... being plural.  With friends.... and in time if this young man and you are to be together and to date it will work out.  It sounds like you probably did not mess things up.  It sounds like his mom is a little bit controlling and probably more concerned about you and your future than even about her own son and does not want to see you make bad choices that could harm your future and if you continue down a path of dating now, it could cause you to lose focus of your education and could cause you to lose focus of your dreams and it could cause you to make other choices that you and I both know we're not good.  But if you focus on yourself and your relationships and your friendships and you put your boyfriend in God's hands and to say OK God, guide me and when the time is right, please let us be back together.  It will work out but if you continue to try to fix it control it, hang on to it, to sneak around behind his mom's back,  sneak out of the house borrow your friend's phone to call him, it's only going to get worse and with depression is going to get worse.  So when you choose to work out to go He walks to spend time with your girlfriends to watch silly shows to focus on your schoolwork to plan for your future it will get better and in time if it's true love...you will be back together. -D