Amanda's Delilah Dilemma

May 25, 2019

Photo Premiere Radio Network

Tonight's Delilah Dilemma is from a very young woman not even 20 years old, who's been married for 2 years and his miserably unhappy and is fantasizing about an ex boyfriend thinking that he’s the right answer.

Delilah: Here's what I would say to you Amanda if you were my daughter.  Nobody else is responsible for the way you feel.  You say that your old boyfriend made you feel wonderful and your current husband used to make you feel wonderful and the reality is, nobody in this world… not a boyfriend, ot a husband, not a parent is responsible for the way you feel.  You are!  If you don't feel beautiful, if you don't feel attractive, then take care of yourself so that you will.  If you need to lose weight or exercise or eat healthier do that.  If your husband is being abusive, saying that you're not attractive anymore because he wants to hurt you then recognize that and get away from him.  A lot of people once they get married let themselves go and they no longer care how they look and that's unfair.  That's called bait and switch. when you get what you want and then suddenly you're not that person anymore.  If that's what has happened to you,  then don't get mad at your husband for wishing that you were still taking care of yourself as you did 2 years ago.  If that hasn't happened and he suddenly being cruel then get away from him but nobody Amanda is responsible for the way you feel except for you and an old boyfriend that you are thinking about isn't going to make you happy.  You get to make you happy by taking care of you by exercising by eating healthy by investing in yourself and other people by investing yourself in your future, your career your life and when you do that, when you grab hold of life and live it fully other people will be attracted to you.  Other people will see that spark of life in you and they will be so attracted to that.  If your husband's abusive….. get away from him you don't need that.  If hes not abusive and hes just feeling frustrated because you're no longer the person that he fell in love with 2 years ago, that's not fair.  So invest yourself in you.  Take care of you.  Be the best you that you can be and everything else will fall into place.  Good luck sweetheart ....  -D