Amy's Delilah Dilemma

December 8, 2018

Photo Premiere Radio Network

Tonights Delilah Dilemma is from Amy who is in love with her best friend who keeps choosing abusive women

Amy, Here are my words.  The reason that your best friend is repeating the same patterns is because something was broken in his childhood and as a result of that, he continues to try to live out the same dynamics.  I would guess that his Mother was abusive or his Grandmother, somebody in his family that he dearly loved was abusive and used him and so that's what he is used to.  That is what he is attracted to, so when somebody is kind and compassionate and loving and available as you are that doesn't translate in his mind to a love interest so there's really nothing you can do to get your sweetheart or your friend I should say to notice you,  except to suggest that he get some counseling or talk to somebody or that he looks at his patterns of behavior and realizes that real love, true love is not abusive, it’s dependable,  that true love doesn't take advantage of people, it's honest and maybe he can recognize his behavior for what it is and change.  If he chooses not to do that, you have to accept that he is too broken to ever have a healthy relationship with you.  Good luck and God bless.