April's Delilah Dilemma

November 24, 2018

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This Delilah Dilemma is from April who is insanely jealous of her boyfriend's running partner and work friend and she has asked him to stop meeting and running with this woman and he said, No, not gonna do that.”

 April says is this healthy?  April what’s not healthy is your insecurity and your jealousy and your need to control your boyfriend, The bottom line is if you don't trust him don't be with him. If you do trust him stop being a control freak.  If you don't trust him,  if you believe he is betraying you, if you believe he is having an intimate relationship with his running partner, then don’t date him.  Why would you be consulting a marriage counselor or a relationship counselor to ask them their opinion on somebody that you clearly do not trust?  You need to be seeing a counselor and ask yourself why you are dating somebody that is untrustworthy.  If if he is trustworthy, if he is honest, if he is faithful, what is wrong with you April, that you want to control his friendships?  Bottom line is if you trust him then stop being a jealous control freak.  If you don’t trust him, get away from him.  -D