Cindy"s Delilah Dilemma

August 18, 2018
Delilah Dilemma

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This Delilah Dilemma is from Cindy, who two years  ago planned to move with her beloved and then he backed out. 

She says it's his mother and brother that talked him out or it. Cindy it doesn’t matter who talked him out of it.  I doesn’t matter, if he wanted to be partnered with you, if he wanted to be living with you and your so called animals, (you make it sound like they belong to both of you).  He would be there!.  He's not , and now he is not even talking to you and your crying?  You want to fix this?  You’re saying I'm going crazy not knowing if I did something to upset him.  Are you serious Cindy?  Girlfriend read the road signs.  He does not want to be in a loving committed family with you.  Brush the dust off your feet and move along girlfriend. You don't beg somebody to plan a life with you.  If he was all in, and now all of a sudden he is all out and not even calling you let him walk away and you do not chase after him because he is not worthy of your love or your animals or your family.  If he says no, I do not want this, and by his actions that's exactly what he said, (and you're not listening)  then you don't gravel, you don't do that.  You let him walk away and then let God bring that someone to you who will love you and cherish you,  and your pets,  who will be there for you not just on the phone line because his momma wont let him move.  Let him walk away girlfriend and wipe that dust off your feet and move on down the path of life without this emotionally unavailable person dragging you down.  That's my best advice good luck honey!  -D