Delilah Dilemma

July 21, 2018

Photo Premiere Radio Network


This Delilah Dilemma is from Erica, who has three small children and her oldest daughter Sylee, who is seven, the big sister is missing daddy who is going to be gone for a year on deployment

Sylee, listen carefully, I know you miss your Daddy.   But did you know your daddy is a hero?  Like if you watch cartoons Sylee, he's a bigger hero than the heroes in cartoons because the cartoon heroes aren’t real.  But your daddy is real and he really loves you and your mom and our country and so he has to go to work to do what heroes do.  Heroes that wear uniforms that serve in the military are the strongest, best men and women in my opinion,  in the whole world so I appreciate your daddy, but  that isn’t going to help you missing him though.  So here is my best advice. Have your mama get you a big drawing pad, an art pad and everyday I want you to draw a picture for your daddy of something special that you noticed during the day maybe it's a bluebird in your yard, maybe it's a bright umbrella that you're walking underneath, I want you to draw a picture every day , one picture and I want you to have your mama send it to your daddy so he can put them up all over wherever he sleeps and he can see all the beautiful things that you notice and maybe he can send you letters and pictures too and that will help you to feel close to your daddy even though he is far away. And you can listen to my radio show every night cause your dad can hear me on armed forces radio and that way you can still stay connected like a big bridge all the way across the ocean and wherever your daddy is stationed. -D