Delilah Dilemma

August 4, 2019

Photo Premiere Radio Network


This Delilah Dilemma is from a lady who is still in love seven years later with a boy she fell in love with in high school and neither one of them are Married.  They are both dating and she's wondering is it worth it.

Delilah: Are you a knucklehead?  If you have loved this guy for seven years and you are not yet betrothed nor is he than go to him or have him come to you or meet in the middle. That kind of love comes along once in a lifetime honey.  When you feel that connection that closeness that completeness that joy, so what if you have to sell your house, so what if you have to find it in job.  So long as you are not married nor is he, now is the time to start combining your lives together.  Fly there have him fly to you, just don't waste another minutes before it's too late.  That's my best advice but then again I'm happy love song Queen. -D.