Delilah Dilemma: Alex Ignored By Her Three Boys

February 23, 2019

Photo Premiere Radio Network


This weeks Delilah dilemma is from Alex a woman who was a single mom,  raised three boys now they're grown and on their own and none of them seem to have the time or energy to spend with mom and she's been kind of bitter, kind of hurt,  kind of neglected and I would too alex, but here's what I would say to you

You are gonna have to build a life where your needs are met by other people not by your sons.  Because your sons have flown the coop and they've moved on with their lives and their wives and their college in their careers and for whatever reason they're not recognizing the sacrifices you made to raise them.  But there are so many people in this world Alex who would love to have a good friend.  A mentor, a mother figure, so many people that you can fill your heart and your home with, and if your boys are too busy or too distracted their loss!  There are plenty of other people, especially young people who would love to have somebody who could mentor them and encourage them and spend time with them.  There's probably some kids, some young people, some young adults in your own neighborhood who do not have a mom like you, who sacrificed to raise them and they would love the attention and affection that you can shower on them.  So if your own biological kids are too busy living their own life to be connected to you, then create a family of love and live life fully.  That’s what I've done.  That’s what I would do if I were you. –D