Delilah Dilemma: He Isn't Including You In His Plans

March 2, 2019

This Delilah dilemma is from Megan who is in love with a guy she has been dating for year and a half.  He's a great guy, he adores her,  but he has a lot of plans for his future,  He has plans to study abroad, plans to go to college, he plans to join the peace corps, he plans to go back to school. 

Megan what I am not seeing in your letter is that he has any plans to include you in those plans. It sounds like he is definitely decided that he has a goal and a vision for his life and that there is no room in his life to include you in those plans. He could if wanted to.  There’s no reason you can't study abroad or go to college or work where he's going to college or go with him to the peace corps, but your letter doesn't say he's got any plans to include you or that the two of you are going to be combining your lives as one. And that speaks volumes, good luck.  Whenever you decide to do, if your going to try to tether yourself to him while he is jetting and around and living his life independently of you,  maybe you can do that or maybe tether yourself to him for a time until that tether grows thin. -D