Delilah Dilemma: Holly Ann Isn't Pregnant Yet

February 1, 2020

Photo Premiere Radio Network


Tonight's Delilah Dilemma comes from a young lady named Holly Ann, who has been married for a year and a half trying to conceive and isn't pregnant.  She is so upset and stressed, she finds no joy in seeing other women pregnant and wants to have fertility testing done.

Holly is what I will say to you.  Find a little faith.  You need to.  Because once you find that faith you will come to know that a child is a gift from God and however he chooses to bring that child and when ever he chooses to bring that child to your life be it through conceiving a child and carrying a child or adopting a child or foster parenting a child it will happen in his time not yours.  And the more you try to control it the more disappointed you're going to be if you are this impatient after only a year and a half how are you going to have patience as a mom for goodness sake. Think about it.  You've got to find a mustard seed of faith Holly Anne and know that God has an awesome plan for you and when the time is right, you will either conceive or you'll be able to adopt,but right now maybe what you're supposed to do is finish your education! Relax let go, that's my best advice! -D