Delilah Dilemma: Mary Found Out On Her Wedding Night He Wasn't Faithful

April 20, 2019

Tonight's Delilah's dilemma is from a woman named Mary who discovered on her wedding night that her husband was not being faithful.

Delilah:  I don't know if he was not being faithful completely or just in his intentions of flirting with other women but you're note doesn't say whether that's the case or not.  But what it does say is that you are not married to somebody who cherishes you.  You married somebody who makes you feel less than.  Does not cherish you who does not honor you who does not respect you or he wouldn't be flirting with other women so yes you did not make a wise choice marrying somebody thinking he would change.   I made the same mistake more than once honey, so you say is it really worth staying anymore? You don't tell me any reasons why you would stay all you're telling me is that your married to somebody who on your wedding night disrespected you and every time you try to share your heart with him shuts you down and doesn't care so if you want to stay in a very one sided marriage you're gonna be very miserable if he isn't really going to fight for you to cherish you to love you to honor you to protect that beautiful heart of yours, then it is not really a marriage at all.  So you're gonna have to figure out what your definition of marriages is, because this is not a marriage that what you're describing.  It might be a piece of paper that's not a marriage .. -D