Deloris's Delilah Dilemma

September 8, 2018
Delilah Dilemma

Tonight’s  letter comes from a young woman named Dolores.  For her entire high school career she has loved her best friend and they have hung out together dated gone to the prom, held hands, danced, he’s locked her in his arms.  But he has never said I Love You. Now she is off to college and doesn’t know what to do.

 Deloris,  if he is truly your best friend you need to sit down and have a face to face and say I love you and want to be committed to you I want to continue in our relationship even though I’m going to be four hours away, do you feel the same way?  Don’t give him any options… don't give him any outs.  Don’t let him say “we’re friends and I don’t know where we are”.  Just yes or no.  Real simple.   Do you want to have a committed relationship, are we boyfriend girlfriend, yes or no.  Remember when we were in fourth grade when we used to write notes, “do you like me?  Check this box  Yes or No, will you go steady with me?  You’re going to just have to do that Dolores, just sit him down and say yes or no.  We either are together and you have a hard time saying I love you or we are just friends.  But he's sending you mixed signals and you can’t read his mind… so say yes or no.  Were either together as a couple or we are not. And then believe him.  Believe what he tells you. If he says no,  I don’t want to be in a committed relationship.  Don’t pay attention to the hugging arms part, pay attention to his declaration that he doesn’t want to be committed.  But on the other hand,  if he says I wanna be committed to you but I just have a hard time with those three words then look at his actions, OK. -D