Eric's Delilah Dilemma

May 5, 2018
Delilah Dilemma

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This Delilah Dilemma is from a young man named Eric who has joined the army is going to be leaving soon and is head over heals smitten with the young woman in his church.  She sings in the choir he gets weak kneed and he wants to know what he should do, should he wait or should he let her know now. 

Eric you knucklehead,  when you have that kind of love spilling out of your heart, you need to go directly to this young woman and her family and ask them if you can be a part of her life.  If you can court her, if you can you can respect her, if she has any feelings for you.   If you can share this goodness that is going out of your heart.  Life is short and none of us are promised a tomorrow.  If you were 15 or 16 I would say maybe you should wait a little while, but you are a young man.  If you're old enough to carry a gun,  If you're old enough to defend my life and my country,  you're certainly old enough to tell this young women that you are head over heals in love with her.  -D