Family Losing Their House Delilah Dilemma

January 4, 2020

Photo Premiere Radio Network


Tonight's Delilah Dilemma is from a young mom with two toddlers who is living a hellish nightmare losing their home.  What do you do? 

Well you try to work with the banks, you plead, you beg you cry, you exhaust your resources and when that runs out, you pick up the pieces, and you move on.  You figure out the next step.  Maybe it’s going back to your folks, maybe its gong back to his folks for a time.  Maybe it is renting, who knows, but you cannot sit there and  beat yourself up over the decisions that you made. Should you have gotten in over your head?  You said you couldn't afford that house but you forced your husband to see things your way.  No you shouldn’t have… but hindsite is twenty twenty.  I shouldn't made lots of mistakes that led to divorce and financial problems either but I did now what can you do you pick up the pieces and you move on, but this time you move on with God on your side.  You have to realize that there is a higher power there is a plan a wonderful plan and although you can’t see it now, it is still there.  And you have got to find a mustard seed of hope a mustard seed of faith to hang on to that .D-