Holly's Delilah Dilemma

May 18, 2019

Photo Premiere Radio Network


Tonight's Delilah's dilemma is from Holly.  She and her 2 daughters moved in with her boyfriend and though he makes promises to her he doesn't follow through because he's a workaholic.

Delilah:  Holly you don't say what your boyfriend's profession is, what kind of job he has or what you mean when you say he’s a workaholic.  There are people who are addicted to their jobs, there are people who are addicted to projects, and no matter how much they take on and no matter how much they produce it's never enough.  And their family comes 2nd or 3rd or 4th or 5th but because you don't describe his behaviors at all except that he’s breaking promises I have nothing to go on here except that he’s a hard working man who's trying to provide for you and the girls.  So if he is working more than 50 or 60 hours, the bottom line is 40 hours a week, but if you're trying to make ends meet in this economy, in this world, it usually means working 2 jobs or working 50, 55, 60 hours a week and if it is more than that, if he’s working more than 10 hours a day he is probably a workaholic.  Either that or hes just a very dedicated young man and his chosen a profession that is demanding more of him right now than it should be, but that isn't something I can answer cause I don't know what his patterns of behavior are.  He could be going out after work with friends and drinking or partying or drugging and then telling you that hes at work.  He could be running around with another woman and telling you he’s at work or he could be watching videos on the Internet or playing video games and telling you its work, I don't know.  I don't have those facts.  You would have to be the one to discern that and then you are gonna have to say if you make it commitments me and the girls, you have to follow through.  You can't make commitments, blow them off and then say Oh  well,  I was working.  It doesn't work that way.  That's not what love is all about.  So you two are gonna have to learn to communicate and then you are going to have to trust your judgment....Delilah