Husband Deployed Delilah Dilemma

December 7, 2019

Photo Premiere Radio Network


This Delilah Dilemma is written to me by a hero.  She's the wife of a hero because Lindsay's husband is deployed serving in the military,

Delilah: But Lindsay you are a hero because you said yes! Yes I know you're in the military.  Yes I know you could be deployed, Yes I know I could end up being a single mom for a time,  and yes I still wanna do this and right now you're scratching your head going did i really say that?  Yes you did... and right now you're feeling overwhelmed really overwhelmed.   I still have my hands full with a whole lot of kids and they're not as young or as wild as yours are so I at least can say go to your room or go to the library or go do something when you've got young ones like you do, you can't really say that. But you can ask friends for help. You can say to your mom to your sisters to other military wives especially women whose husbands have been in the service for quite some time and maybe they've already gone through it in their kids are raised. I know so many women like that who want to reach out and give you a hand and help shoulder some of that burden but you have to be willing to admit you need help the fact that you wrote to me Lindsay tells me that you are willing to say I am overwhelmed but you need to say this to people in your community that can reach out and give you a helping hand, that can watch the kids so you can go for a walk and just breathe deep,that can be there at 9, 10,11,12 o'clock at night when you're lonely and hurting just to listen to you as you miss your husband.  The other thing I can say is talk to him, Skype him, type him, text him, let him know how much you love him and miss him and keep those lines of communication open...