Jazzy's Delilah Dilemma

August 17, 2019

Photo Premiere Radio Network

Tonights Delilah dilemma is from a listener who is paralyzed in fear in her home and she wants to learn how to not worry about what others say.

Delilah: Here's what I would say Jazzy.   I believe you're suffering from major anxiety and depression and you could use some medical intervention.  You can talk to a doctor, you can share your fears.  I have a daughter, a teenager who becomes paralyzed because of anxiety so she sees a doctor for that.  It's a very real condition.  That said,  here is what I know to be true for me.  I know Jazzy that God loves you.  He made you.  Nothing about you is not acceptable to the one who made you.  Because of that truth you don't have to worry if you are good enough or perfect enough because you were perfectly made.  You are adored by the creator just the way you are and you don't ever have to earn that love and approval.  The world is another story. The world is fickle.  The world likes to gossip and say unkind things all the time about people.  When you realize how valuable you are to God, how unique and special you are then you can realize it doesn't matter what other people say.  Life is to short.  Live it fully. live it's completely. Live it totally live it passionately OK.  All right….. God-bless you. -D