Jean's Delilah Dilemma

January 11, 2020
Delilah Dilemma

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This Delilah Dilemma is from a young woman named Jean, who's engaged but has fallen in love with another man

First off Jean, you call this other man your best friend but then you say you've only known him for less than a year that makes me think that this really isn't like a best friend, buddy friend, been hanging out my whole life friend, but somebody who came into the picture and you have a strong attraction to.  So your best friend should be somebody that you can talk to about anything that you've known for years, who knows you inside and out, not a new guy who moved on you while you're living with your fiancé. That's number one.  Number two, you are not married.  You are engaged to be married but not yet married, so you have not taken a sacred vow.  So if you find yourself falling in love with somebody else, don't string your fiance along. Say we rushed... I thought I wanted to marry you but I changed my mind,  and can't do this!  Before it gets really really complicated.  If you don't speak up now and get honest, it's gonna get really ugly because if you go through with the marriage than you’re living a lie. You'd be getting married when you don't feel the desire to commit your life to just that one person "Till death do you part"  After you get yourself free, after you get yourself honest, then figure out who you want to spend time with. -D