Joanne's Delilah Dilemma

July 27, 2019
Gave His Heart To A Broken Heart

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This Delilah Dilemma is from Joanne who  married a man who is a widow and he keeps talking about the past and his deceased wife and it's breaking her heart.

Delilah:  Here's what I would say to you Joanne and to anybody in a committed relationship where there are unsaid things and feelings are being wounded.  A lot of people think marriage is a legal commitment That is not a marriage.  A marriage is when two people become one and their hearts and their minds and their spirit.  They keep their individuality but they become one in that they work as a team and they consider each other at all times and in order to do that Joanne, you have to communicate.  You say you're afraid to speak up and tell your husband how this makes you feel because you're afraid you'll harm your marriage.  Your harming your marriage by not talking, by not being honest, by not being transparent.  You are not allowing your husband to see into your heart because you are hiding your true feelings.  So if you want your marriage to thrive,  Figure out a way to lovingly share your heart, not accusing him, yelling at him, not beating him up, not making him feel bad but simply stating you and I are married now we've started our life together God called your wife home and then he gave me to you so can we please leave the past in the past and instead of talking about -Dwhere you went with her talk about where you and I Are going to go together instead of talking about the traditions you had with her can you and I make new traditions as a new family good luck and God-bless.