Kate's Delilah Dilemma

November 3, 2018

Photo Premiere Radio Network


This Delilah Dilemma is from 21 year old Kate, who has been in love for half of her life with a boy from her original home town and now she is moving back there

Kate, are you moving back there to pursue this relationship or are you moving back there to go to college are something,  because moving to another's city or another state to pursue your relationship with somebody you knew when you were 10 is pretty silly if you're not still a relationship with them.  So what you have to do, is you have to track him down before hand. That is what Facebook is for, and social networks and the phone. You’ve gotta find out if he is the least bit interested in you or if he has moved on.  For instance, I fell in love when I was nine years old with a boy next door and I had planned on spending my life with that boy next door.  He gave me butterflies in my tummy,  he made my heart go pitter pat, and then he dumped me as a teenager because he came out of the closet and admitted to a world that he was not interested in me at all.  Thank goodness he was honest with himself and with me at that time, and  didn't continue to go down that path and hurt us both  more later.  But  you gotta find out Kate, if this boy still has feelings for you.  You just don't show up on his door and say,”I moved here to pursue you”, and how do you feel about that?  So good luck young lady. -D