Kayla's Delilah Dilemma

February 2, 2019

Photo Premiere Radio Network


This Delilah Dilemma is from Kayla who has three children. 3, 2 and seven months and says she wants to go look for her forever love and her parents say that’s not a good idea. 

Honey, you've obviously looked for your forever love.  Obviously you’ve looked hard and instead of love you've found herself pregnant three separate times and you're only 23 which tells me you are probably living with your parents or somebody because there's no way at 23, single, that you could possibly support these children unless God has blessed you with an amazing career so here's what I have to say to you.  Stop Looking!  It doesn’t matter if you are 23, 33 are 53 the more you look, the more impossible it will be for you to recognize real love.  because you're so busy chasing after something that you are desperate, and when you are desperate all you will find is heartache.  So focus on you,  not running out and finding  the love of your life focus on you getting healthy, on getting strong, getting an education figuring out what your passions are in life and taking care of the three beautiful gifts God has given you.  Your 3 year old, 2 year old and 7 month old .  If you will focus on you, on being the best possible mother for your children on getting on your feet if you will focus on these things, you will become the most beautiful, complete fully functioning woman that when God sends the right man into your life your will fall so in love and your family will be secure, but the more you run after it and chase after relationships, you’re not going to be happy.  -D