Kenny Wants His Family Back And Asks Delilah's Advice

July 15, 2018
Delilah Dilemma

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This Dilemma Dilemma is from Kenny, a  27 year old man with two children plus a stepdaughter that he considers his own and he puts his career,his job before his family.

But here's the problem Kenny, You said you have been separated for a few years.  There is a song that came out years ago called, Too much too little too late and I'm afraid Kenny that's where your letter falls in my category.  Too little, too late.  You should have been making amends and changing your life and telling your wife how precious she is every hour of the day two years ago when you first realized you were a knucklehead.  But I don't believe with you and she's not going to beleave you, because if you've waited two years to tell her she is the love of your life and you want her back she's going to say No, if she was,  you would have told her two years ago.  Or maybe you have been telling her and this is a last ditch effort hoping that she hears it on the radio it will change her heart.   That's not gonna happen either.  If you have been showing her consistently that you want to reconcile and that she is the love of your life and you're hoping that her hearing this on the radio will be that the thing that pushes her over the edge and wanting to reconcile that's not going to work if her heart is grown cold, no amount of love songs on my show was going to thaw it and warm it back up. Here is what I would do Kenny,spend all the energy that you are saying you're spending to get your family back together and use that energy being a good daddy. Because even though your wife and you are separated you still should be seeing your children as often as possible for contributing to their lives every day of their life and even though you may not be able to repair your marriage and you may, God has done bigger things miracles than that,  you can bless your children by putting them first and being the Daddy you want to be…Alright.