Leanne's Adoption Delilah Dilemma

September 21, 2019

Photo Premiere Radio Network


Tonights Delilah Dilemma is from Leanne, who are goes to church with the young teenage couple that just discovered they are pregnant.  

Delilah: My question Li is how do you know this?  Are they sharing this information?  Are they talking about it?  Is this gossip that's going around?  How do you know they're considering putting the baby up for adoption?  Are you friends with them?  That's the 1st question.  If you have a relationship with these kids and you are friends with them, I would be real honest and I would approach them and I would say I understand that you're pregnant and I understand that adoption may be an option.  I want to help you to make the right choice for you. (not I want your baby) but what is the right choice for them.  Is it the right choice for them to keep the baby and have somebody help them to parent it?  Is it the right choice for them to place the baby for adoption.... that's a question only they can answer after they have prayed really, really, really hard.  So I would just approach them and say I'm here for you, I'm here to help you, I'm here to support you if you need a place to stay during your pregnancy. If you need somebody to help you to learn to parent this baby,  I'm here for you.  I want what's best for you and that baby and if they say we have chosen not to parent the baby were thinking of adoption then say.would you consider my husband and I?  We would have an open adoption so you would know how your baby's doing you will not worry that it's not being loved.  You always have to put the mother and the father, but especially the mothers needs first.  First you gotta pray about what's best for that mother, not convince her that you know what's best. Because thats a big problem we're talking about....surprise pregnancies and adoption.