Magda's Delilah Dilemma

February 9, 2019

This Delilah Dilemmas is from Magda, who has a friend, a male friend who’s been a friend for years, he was a good friend and then she developed feelings for him,  but it was too late because he was already committed to someone else.  Now he is separated from that someone else and Magda is wondering should she encourage him to get a divorce.  

Magda, it’s not up to you!  He has to be the one to decide if there is any way to save his marriage or not.  You certainly can be a friend to him. You can certainly be there to listen to him, certainly if he asks if you have feelings for him you can be honest because you do,  but he needs to be the one to close that door completely before he opens the next door.  If he knows that the marriage cannot be saved, there's nothing he can do to breathe life into it, there is a difference (like in the princess bride) there is a difference between mostly dead and all dead.  If the marriage is all dead and there is no way to revive it, he needs to be the one to recognize that.  You can’t do that for him.  If he does recognize that and the marriage is over and God frees him from it, then definitely let them know how you feel.   Don’t hesitate this time girlfriend. -D