Peters Delilah Dilemma

June 1, 2019

Tonight's Delilah Dilemma is from somebody who's been around the block.  Spent 80 years on this Earth ,58 of them with his wife and she left.  Now he wants to meet someone new.

Delilah :  Peter you are still heartbroken, you cannot give your heart to someone new,  because your heart is shattered into a 100 pieces and that would be really unfair to give it to somebody else when it is so broken.  What you need to do right now Peter, is ask God to heal that heart so that when you do meet the woman that he wants you to spend the rest of your life (let's say the next 40 or 50 years)  that your heart will be complete and intact and you won't be finding her or looking for her out of neediness or loneliness because if you do that,  you will suffocate her.  So ask God to heal your heart and when that happens you will find a lot of energy and you'll want to do things and see things and integrate with people and when you do that you're gonna find somebody who's going to sweep you off your feet.  The more love you have in your heart to share the more impossible it is to hold it inside.  You are so filled with light and energy and Passion and joy the more women are gonna be oh so attracted to you Peter ....