She Dumped Him!

March 7, 2020

Photo Premiere Radio Network


Tonight's Delilah Dilemma is from a gentleman named Rob who are has been dumped.  A week ago today his fiance broke off their engagement and the relationship because she caught him lying about something he promised to do, that he didn't do.

Delilah: Rob here is my advice to you and some people might be in a monthly disagree with this but I'm gonna just go out on a limb and say this you are so much better off without her why do I say that because in your letter you say that she loved your children as much as she loved you and yet she would walk away from you and them over the fact that you lied about doing something.  That's insane, if she loved your children at all, she might say you know what Rob, our engagement is off, but I'm a part of your heart on the part of your life I'm a part of your children's life and I'm not going to hurt them and wound them or destroy their trust in me by walking away I am gonna end our engagement right now because I Don't think you're honest or ready to be committed.  But what kind of person could be engaged to you involved with your children especially a preteen daughter who's probably already going through a lot of heartache and walk away and end the contact and the relationship.  It seems to me and I could be wrong,  that she was looking for an excuse to end the relationship maybe because you're moving maybe because she had second thoughts,  but I can't fathom.  If I were involved with it a man and he was involved with my children and he caught me in a lie (and I'm not perfect I lie OK people do we're not we're humans we make mistakes) I don't do it on purpose but I have done it's several times and you know unfortunately I'll probably do it in the future but if I were involved with somebody who loves my children and they caught me in a lie and they ended their engagement Remove themself completely from me and my kids lives because I made a mistake,  that person doesn't love me or my kids.   and that's what I think ....