Sara's Delilah Dilemma

November 2, 2019

Photo Premiere Radio Network


Sarah wrote to me and she's feeling so guilty that they had to put her 73 year-old gramma in a nursing home because they could no longer care for her because of her health issues and the fact that she's beginning to show signs of dementia.

Sarah, My heart breaks for you because I know you would do whatever you could do to keep her either in her home or your home if you could.  This is a very very painful decision you have to weight out what will be best in the long term.  Hopefully my children and grandchildren will never be put in that situation because I'm hoping that I will have the foresight to plan things out and make clear my desires before that time comes so that they would never be burdened with the guilt that you are now feeling but here's the thing you have to do.  You have to pray and see if there was any other option for your gramma.  Could she live her life either in her own home or with a family member and still be safe.  If there is not, then you did what you had to do and God-bless you for that.  Probably the more time you spend visiting her and spending time with her and taking her places and doing things with her so she doesn't feel like she was just pushed aside, the less her anger will come out and the more her love will be evident.  Good Luck & God-bless you ....