Sydney's Delilah Dilemma

June 8, 2019

Photo Premiere Radio Network

This Delilah Dilemma is from a woman who has been married less than a year and her husband is actively seeking out phone numbers from other women and meeting with them behind her back and she wonders what to do.

Delilah:   Sydney run do not walk.  Get away from the situation before you lose your mind. This is not healthy, this is not normal, this is not the way married people treat and respect each other.  It's one thing for your husband to have female friends that he recognizes at the store ,says hello to, and invites them over with their husbands to your house to play cards with( that sort of thing) but taking women's phone numbers, meeting them behind your back is totally unacceptable behavior within the structure of a marriage commitment.  So if he doesn't understand how this is breaking your heart and he continues to do it, number one, he doesn't really care about how he’s breaking your heart and number two, what his idea of a marriage and what your idea of a marriage are are two entirely different things and if you stay in this mess you're gonna lose your mind because it is insecure love when you are involved with somebody that makes you feel that chooses to do things outside of your relationship the causes you to feel insecure that will drive you crazy girl so my best advice would be to go talk to somebody a counselor somebody who can help you sort through your feelings and then if he is willing to consider counseling and and hearing how his behavior is affecting you then maybe that something he could explore above but my best guess is he knows what hes doing is well aware of how it's affecting you and he doesn't care ....