Travis's Delilah Dilemma

May 11, 2019
Delilah Dilemma

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Tonight's Delilah dilemma is from Travis who is a good friend of a woman named Wendy.  It appears…. I'm not quite sure but it appears that Wendy,  her abusive boyfriend and her baby are living with her family and her family is allowing this man to stay under their roof even though he disrespects his girlfriend and is abusive to her.

Delilah:  Travis here's what I would say to you. You are not her family or not her brother, her mother or her father.  You are her friend!  So there's a really not much you can do except love her and pray for her.  If her family is worried about her and the baby,  then they need to be proactive and tell the abuser to go!  It is not alright to hurt somebody and stay in their home.  I understand they feel sorry for him, that they have compassion and pity, but it's ridiculous to worry about his being homeless and his needs while he’s hurting their daughter.  That's absolute lunacy. So it's her folks that be to step up to the plate and save her.  It’s on my watch…. not in my house! You need to go! But they probably won't listen to that either so all you can do Travis, is be a friend and love them through it ....