A Young Woman's Delilah Dilemma: She's Lonely And Doesn't Know How To Make Friends

April 13, 2019

Photo Premiere Radio Network

Tonight's Delilah's dilemma is from a young woman who says she's lonely and she doesn't know how to make friends and then she gives a couple of the examples of how she is extremely shy and sensitive.

Delilah:  This goes beyond sensitive honey, what you described is way beyond sensitive.  What I suggest you do is stop thinking about you.  Stop obsessing about whether someone's going to hurt you or whether somebody's going to call you or whether somebody likes you and start thinking about others.  How can you bless someone else, how can you make somebody else's life better, how can you invest yourself in somebody who needs someone even more than you need a friend.  If you will do that, If you will stop being YOU focused on  me, me, me, me, me. Thinking what if they don't like me what they hurt the what if they leave me what if they call me.  Say where can I go? Maybe to a nursing home, maybe to a hospital, maybe to a school. Volunteer to help with special needs kids reach out to somebody who needs you, who needs your gifts, who needs your love, and once you take that focus off of you and put it on to pouring yourself into others, “A” you will a find yourself surrounded by friends.  Because people are attracted like flies to honey to somebody who has love to share and “B”you will find such joy and fulfillment in giving of yourself to others that your life will be overflowing love.  Go volunteer to help those in need your love and attention and your life will be so enriched as a result.