PillowTalk: Memories Of Her Montana Friend

May 31, 2019

On Thursday night Theresa from Waterbury was driving home from Meriden in a driving rain. She checked in with us on PillowTalk to make a dedication. We were glad to keep her company on her half hour drive. She was thinking of her friend Paul out West. Paul is a friend who she met years ago when she was visiting Montana where Paul was living at the time.

I was trying to find out a little bit about Paul, so I asked her, "When you met him, was he on a horse? Was he on a tractor? Did he have beautiful blue eyes that you can't forget?". She found the good natured humor in my first two questions but confirmed that he does have beautiful blue eyes that she finds attractive.

Paul now lives in Utah. How long has it been since she has seen Paul? "I went out to visit him at the end of last year", She said.

Can Theresa see a future with Paul? " We're friends right now. Gotta have good friends.", she replied.

I thanked her for puting on PillowTalk. To that she said, "I listen to you every night."

At the beginning of our conversation she had asked me to play the song, Rhythm Of The Rain by either Dan Fogelberg from 1990 or The Cascades from 1963.