This Is The One Thing We All Need

Just One Solid Tip To Organize For School

September 1, 2018

As Labor-day weekend winds down, there's the excitement that the kids will be off to school once more and also that feeling of doom when we think about the appointments, carpools, lessons, sports, and paper work galore!!!  I have a list that wont drive you nuts, as if you need a 20 tips to better organization guide to read! Here it is: A central Command!

yup, that's it, you need a command center. You can put it in the kitchen nook, mudroom, or in the pantry like we have for years but wherever you put it it's got to be where everyone sees it each day.

get a large white board, erasable markers, a cork board for each dide of the board and you'll need push pins as well as a hanging file box for each child's impending pile of paperwork and permission slips!

That's it! I see pottery barn (fancy schmancy) has great tips, as does staples and IKEA.

Get on it and feel good as we start off another school year!