Get Rid Of Crutch Words Easily

Eliminate: Um. Ah. Like. and Ya know?

August 6, 2018

Harvard Business Review analyzed over 4,000  speeches to see how much speakers are leaning on crutch words: Like. ummm.  you know? right? Ah.  So how  are those words affecting the way their audiences perceive them?  When boiled down, it affects credibility of the speaker, plus the study found the audience perceived the speakers as nervous, distracted and disengaged.  That's not good. So How can we eliminate these words?   Well, the easiest way is to embrace the pause. Yep, the most uncomfortable thing is the cure. We tend to think faster than we speak and so we use the crutches to wait a second or two for the mouth to catch up with the thought. Eliminate the crutches and just embrace the pauses, I am going to try this!