Can We Remedy Climate Change?

Solid Ways To Offset Global Changes

May 16, 2018

There's been a ton of complaints about Millennials being too invloved with Instagram "likes"  and themselves to notice anything around them.  I am very happy to report that nothing could be furthur from the truth. according to NYU Prof. 84 percent of this population say they want to make the world a better place and that they place this above achieving professional success.

Here are a couple of great ways that these folks believe can change our direction when it comes to global warming.

1. Do NOT buy aerosol can hairspray! after we quit the can in the late 80's the whole in the Antarctic shrank by 1.7 million square miles! Now, lets buckle down and stop purchasing any aerosol cans.

2. Trees have adapted to there being more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by holding onto water longer and growing bigger which in turns removes more co2! Thats awesome lets all plant at leat one tree or take care of one and adopt it.

3. Replacing even one meal a week with a plant based protein has a huge impact on the environment as animal agriculture is responsible for about 51 percent of greenhouse gas emissions and using 2,000 gallons of water just to raise one puond of beef! Yikes, looks like beans for dinner at least once a week!