CRT Helps With Free Presciptions and Delivery System

Community Renewal Creates Opportunity and Changes Lives!

August 13, 2018

The Community Renewal Team (CRT), in conjunction with New York-based Boca Pharmacy, has launched an innovative pharmacy service for people who are HIV+ (Ryan White eligible) that has absolutely zero co-pay for prescribed medications that are securely delivered for free to the prescriber’s home. For individuals that are unable to drive or that do not have reliable transportation, this delivery service can mean the difference between sticking with a needed prescription medication or failing to take medicines on the prescribed schedule. In addition to shipping the prescriptions to individuals free of charge, people enrolled in the program can elect to receive other home health care products, including: vitamins, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, and more. There is never a charge for any of these supplemental items, either.To qualify for this special pharmacy program, individuals must be HIV+, and must have either Medicare or private health insurance, and must meet certain income-eligibility requirements.  If you want to enroll or know someone who needs this it is easy:  bring a valid photo ID, and proof of insurance. Once the individual is accepted into the pharmacy program, the first delivery can be obtained within one week.For more information, or to get started using this new Pharmacy service from CRT, please contact either Janet Rodriguez at 860-761-7920 or via email at; or Jovany Rolon at 860-761-5621 or email at