40CEAN has a Hero: Diving Doggie!

She Dives, Fetches, Collects Trash

June 4, 2019

One Ocean, One Mission ... one huge Crisis: plastic killing off our ecosystem in droves!! 4Ocean is an amazing,  creative solution to solving this problem. Not just dredging oceans, but also creating sustainable answers to fund these projects such as sales of bracelets out of the trash collected and hundreds of jobs!.

Now, the two young guys that created this company did it in the wake of a question they posed over and over while on a surfing trip: what can we do to remove this garbage and save the oceans? Instead of just thinking about it... they did it and created 4Ocean,  a company committed to cleaning plastic out of the ocean. 4ocean sells bracelets made out of recycled materials, and pledges to remove one pound of plastic from the ocean for each bracelet sold. Click here to buy a bracelet and fund jobs and cleanup!

Alex Shulze the owner of 4Ocean has Lila The Diving doggie!! She dives deep and collects the trash!  So far, 4,548,481 pounds of trash removed from the ocean and coastlines by paid 4ocean employees since 2017 through the sale of our products.  Watch the amazing video here!!